Important Days of the year 2019-2020
April 7 World health Day Science
April 14 Fire Extinguishing Day Tamil
April 18 World Heritage Day Social Science
April 22 World Earth Day Social Science
April 23 World book and copyright Day English
April 28 World Day for Safety and Health at work Science
May 1 International Labour Day English/Tamil/   Hindi/Sanskrit
May 11 National Techonology Day Computer
May 17 World Telecommunication Day Computer
May 17 International Internet Day Computer
May 18 International Museum Day Tamil
June 5 World Environment Day Science
June 8 World Ocean Day Social Science
June 14 World Blood Donor Day Science
June 16 Father's Day English
June 21 International Yoga Day Yoga
July 1 National Doctor's Day Science
July 11 World Population Day Social Science
July 17 World Day for International justice Social Science
August 4 Interntional Friendship's Day English
August 9 Quit India Day Social Science
August 15 Independence Day Social Science
August 19 World Humanitarian Day Social Science
August 21 World Senior Citizen's Day English
August 29 National Sport's Day Sports
September 5 Teacher's Day Maths
September 8 International literacy Day English/Tamil/   Hindi/Sanskrit
September 15 Engineer's Day(Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya) Computer
September 15 International Day of Democracy Social Science
September 20 United Nations World Refugee Day Hindi
September 27 World Tourism Day Social Science
September 29 World River's Day Social Science
September 29 World Heart Day Science
October 2 Gandhi Jayanthi Hindi
October 4 World Animal Day Science
October 8 Indian Air force Day Sports
October 9 National Post Day  Social Science
October 9 World Sight Day Science
October 15 Global Handwashing Day Science
October 16 World Food Day Science
October 24 World Development Information Day Computer
October 30 World Savings Day Tamil
November 5 World Tsunami Day Social Science
November 7 National Cancer awareness Day Science
November 14 Children's Day     English
November 14 World Diabetic Day Science
November 30 Computer Security Day  Computer
December 1 World AIDS Day Science
December 2 National Pollution Control Science
December 4 Indian Navy Day Social Science
December 7 National Flag Day Hindi
December 9 International Anti Corruption Day English
December 10 Human rights Day Social Science
December 11 UNICEF Day Sanskrit
December 14 National Energy Conservation Day Science
December 22 Natioanal Mathematics Day(Srinivasa Ramanujam) Maths
December 23 Farmer's Day Science
December 25 Internaional Women Safety Day Sanskrit
January 1 Global Family Day   Sports
January 1 World Day of Peace Science
January 4 World Braille Day English
January 10 World Hindi Day Hindi
January 12 National youth Day(Swami Vivekananda) Sports
January 15 Indian Army Day Social Science
January 24 Natioanl Girl Child Day Social Science
January 25 National Voter's Day   Social Science
January 25 Natioanl Tourism Day Social Science
January 26 Republic Day Social Science
February 1 Indian Coast Guard Day Social Science
February 2 World Wetland Day Science
February 4 World cancer Day Science
February 5 Safer Internet Day Computer
February 6 International Day of Zero Tolerance Hindi
February 20 World Day of Social justice Social Science
February 21 International Mother language Day Language
February 28 National Science Day(Raman effect by Sir.C.V.Raman) Science
March 3 National Defence Day Sports
March 3 World Wildlife Day Science
March 4 National Security Day Sports
March 8 Internatioanl Women's Day English
March 10 CISF Raising Day Social Science
March 14 World Pi Day Maths
March 15 World consumer rights Day Social Science
March 20 World sparrow Day Science
March 21 World Forestry Day Maths
March 22 World Water Day Science
March 23 World Meterological Day Science