TOPICS FOR THE JUNIOR WALL MAGAZINE 2020 – 21 (1st and 2nd week)
APRIL Yoga in our daily life
JUNE Role Model
JULY Interesting Art
AUGUST History of the school name and sports
SEPTEMBER Study tips
OCTOBER Social Issues
NOVEMBER Save Environment
DECEMBER Pollution Control
JANUARY Water – Elixir of our life
FEBRUARY Student’s Awareness
MARCH Daily exercises
  An outdoor  game
  Overcome of biggest fear
TOPICS FOR THE SENIOR WALL MAGAZINE 2020 – 21 (3rd and 4th week)
APRIL Skills of organization in student’s life    
JUNE Eliminating all forms of prejudices
JULY Overcoming outside negative influences
AUGUST India's peace depends on world peace
SEPTEMBER Harmony of science and different realities
OCTOBER Backbiting, a serious problem
NOVEMBER Need for obedience
DECEMBER Elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty
JANUARY Independent investigation of truth
FEBRUARY Bringing unity in class and family 
MARCH Cleanliness next to Godliness